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 As you delve into our site you will find the same, helpful Amphicar information, slowly morphing into a new appearance.  Over the years it has taken many people hundreds of hours of volunteer effort to get to this point and at the risk of missing someone very important we cannot properly attempt to individually thank all those responsible.  Please visit THIS LINK for a selective look back through the development of

Thank you for your support of the IAOC.


French Amphicar “For Sail”, see the Classifieds

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From the 8/24 Wall Street Journal  “An Amphibious Car Refuses to Sink into Oblivion(local version hosted here) at the Ortakales’ New Hampshire Swim-in!  LINK to original WSJ article

Some new ”leaders” for the new fiscal year! See the Contact page


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  Caption: Just add water!
(Amphicars are fun in many different environments)

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 And in contrast, may we present Celina in the Winter:


It WILL be warmer for the July 23-27 Swim-in! 


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