Official website of the IAOC

The Club is a 100% volunteer effort by fellow Amphibians who deeply care for these vehicles and the many who own and admire them.  Please feel free to contact your Board (or associates *)  via the email links below.  They want your submissions, ideas, input and suggestions.  [Accolades (and complaints) are OK too!]  Although original documents will be returned upon request, please note that any information provided to the IAOC or posted on will become the property of the IAOC.

President – Mike Clark

Vice President – Jim Golomb

Treasurer – Pat DePasquale

Membership – Mike Clark

Member – Joe Codispoti

Technical Advisor* – Dave Derer

Celina Coordinator* – Larry DePasquale

Webmaster* –  Larry Solheim

Wheels-n-Waves Editor* – Larry DePasquale