Official website of the IAOC

The Club is a 100% volunteer effort by fellow Amphibians who deeply care for these vehicles and the many who own and admire them.  Please feel free to contact your Board (or associates *)  via the email links below.  They want your submissions, ideas, input and suggestions.  [Accolades (and complaints) are OK too!]  Although original documents will be returned upon request, please note that any information provided to the IAOC or posted on will become the property of the IAOC.

Your 2017 IAOC Board:

President – Jim Golomb

Vice President – Mike Clark

Treasurer – Pat DePasquale

Membership Mike Clark

Member – Joe Codispoti

Member – Ed Price

Member – George Randall

Member – Jim Zuliani

Technical Advisor* – Dave Derer

Celina Coordinator* – Larry DePasquale

Webmaster* –  Larry Solheim

Wheels-n-Waves Editor* – Larry DePasquale