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It was a hot day for the DC Swim-in held June 1st, but the “cool factor” of having 3 Amphicars cruising within sight of the nation’s capitol couldn’t be beat. Gregg and Toby Syndenstricker of West Grove, Pa; Bob and Ina Cabanas of Pemberton, NJ; and Randy and Danielle Bograd, of Gaithersburg, Md participated in the event. The departure point was the Columbia Island Marina, where, facing the Pentagon, the three hit the water following one of DC’s famous tour vehicles, the DC Ducks, a converted WWII amphious vehicle. It was just like mama duck and her three ducklings. A short ride under the George Washington Memorial Parkway, and there they were, in the Potomac River, seeing all of DC: The Washington Memorial (wrapped in scaffolding for repairs from an earthquake 2 year ago); the Lincoln Memorial; the Kennedy Center; the old Watergate Building, the Georgetown waterfront, and even the Capitol Building in the background.  Returning to land 2 hours later at the marina, the group headed south on the GW parkway for Gravely Point, a favorite spot for watching commercial jets landing and departing at Ronald Reagan National Airport.  It also has a boat ramp, and once again, the group hit the water for an even more exceptional view of the planes. The day was a huge success…fun for the Amphicar owners and those encountered on the water. The day once again proved that no other vehicle gets more smiles per gallon than the little Amphicar!  –Randy Bograd

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