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Major 2017 Amphicar Swim-ins, as of 5/12/2017

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Mt. Dora Area (Florida)  Dave “The Wave” Derer  815-910-5502  Mar 16-19

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Seattle (Washington)  Larry Solheim  email  May 6 Seattle Yacht Club Opening Day of Boating Parade “Emerald City Aahs!” — Amphicars won a “Spirit” Award in 2016!  See Official Website
Celina (Ohio)     Jim Golomb  224-628-1657 July 26-30  See the 2016 Schedule of Events & Registration Form
Port Clinton (Ohio)

  Billy Syx  

 July 30 –  Aug 1
The town of Port Clinton, Nick James & Billy Syx welcome the IAOC to the 4rd annual Port Clinton swim-in. The last 3 years have proved to be an excellent compliment to the Celina gathering and provided even more entertainment than we had time for.  Lake Erie and the Portage River have an endless amount of fun and activities!   Last year’s event was 4 days packed with non-stop amphibious events. There are plenty of  great motels – Americas Best Value Inn is now the Arlington Inn.  See a video invite HERE and CLICK HERE for a detailed 2017 Itinerary

UPDATE: We just received confirmation that “Wheels of the Past” has decided to film the episode “Fastest Boat on the Road” at the Port Clinton Lake Erie Island Swim in this year!!  This has been in the works for 9 months and was just confirmed 5/11. When asked why they preferred Port Clinton over Celina, they said they wanted more one-on-one with just a few Amphicars instead of a crowd. (go figure?) 

Naples (Maine)  Lori Esters  email   Aug 4- 7 The weekend willl consist of swimming through the beautiful crystal clear waterways of Maine. With the many connecting waters we will venture out to the Long Lake, Brandy Pond, the Songo River, & Sabago Lake

Long Lake swimming is planned around the Causeway where all the tourists gather.

Songo River is a relaxing calm 3.1 mile river with twists & turns & beautiful scenery on the edge of the river. At the end of this cruise on the Songo River is the Songo Locks which is the oldest hand operated lock in the country.

Sabago Lake is a destination like no other! The swim to the sandbar is such a unique, fun, & awesome stop. Boaters anchored around & when the Amphicars swim by & drive on the sandbar it is like no other.. We will swim along the shoreline of Sabago Lake & take a ride by a resort with many vacationers staring in amazement.  We also have planned a trip to an undisclosed location on Sabago Lake that is in the works.

Along with all the swimming we have planned we have the pleasure of meeting up with the Vintage Donzis that will be boating around the waterways. The Vintage Donzis & the Amphicars will also meet up for a spectacular Pig Roast on Saturday Aug 5th 2017.

If you need assistance on lodging, camping , or any other questions send an email


 1,000 Islands Alexandria (New York)   Lori Esters  email  Aug 25-28 There  not many places to stay with the ability to store Amphicar trailers and access to the Saint Lawrence River on site.   This place is in the beginning stages, but was a lot of fun.  Tiki Bar open daily, clean, boat ramp, 5 minutes to the center, 5 minutes to the drive thru, Grocery store within walking distance, swimming pool, & plenty of parking for the trailers.  if anyone is interested reservations need to be made in advance & they are holding spots only  until Dec 1st for the Amphicar participants.

it was an awesome time last year.  Lots to see in the Saint Lawrence River.  The castles, the islands, mansions,  lots of tourists,  & many inlets off the river to swim through. 

Book early & let me know if there is any interest.  Pass this on to any Amphicar friends that might want to join us.

As always we look forward to seeing all & showing off our little boat cars!!!

     Exact dates, event schedules, contact info, lodging, etc. will be updated as information becomes finalized and available. Having another Gathering?  Let us know!

Why not organize and announce a get-together yourself?  We’d be happy to add you to the schedule, no matter how small. You can also post tips about upcoming broadcasts of Amphicar-related TV or other programs here.  Just drop us a line to let us know about it and we’ll post it right away.  Why Celina, you ask?   Well, click Here and you will learn more about just exactly why the web toed motoring horde gathers every year in Celina, Ohio of all places .  .  .