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Three Amphicars (2 members & 1 guest) joined other members of the Arcane Auto Society for a delightful weekend in the Sacramento Delta Region.  There was touring, antique train rides, swimming, wine tasting, floating restaurants, and partying all in glorious weather.  Sounds like the Amphicars were well-qualified!

(click on image for a larger view)

20150523_Arcane_FionaChanPhotography-369   20150523_Arcane_FionaChanPhotography-368   20150523_Arcane_FionaChanPhotography-309a   20150523_Arcane_FionaChanPhotography-1

20150523_Arcane_FionaChanPhotography-307   20150523_Arcane_FionaChanPhotography-294

 20150523_Arcane_FionaChanPhotography-62   20150523_Arcane_FionaChanPhotography-286   20150523_Arcane_FionaChanPhotography-229   20150523_Arcane_FionaChanPhotography-147

Photos by Fiona Chan Photography.  Thank you!!