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In early 2008 the Amphicar and the possibility of it not being allowed to operate on Pennsylvania (PA) waterways was a close reality. That would include all Amphi’s and not just those from Pennsylvania. This came about due to one of our members simply operating his car (no issues) and an overzealous park ranger.

We have had several conversations with the head PA State Park Director (John). John was of great assistance and a huge asset to the Amphicar as the PA Boat & Fish Commission was considering the removal of Amphicar’s from all waterways. John negotiated with the PA Boat & Fish Commission to allow us on the non state Park waterways, explaining to them we are Coastguard approved, etc. Now the catch: in order for the Amphicar to operate on PA State Park waterways they will require IAOC to enter into a 10 year Special Activities Agreement, we did and that solves the problem.
The board has reviewed and approved this agreement though basically it is not applicable to an Amphicar. IAOC also paid the onetime total $50 fee which is good for ten years. This is what the PA State Parks required, no option. It is a rather lengthy agreement which talks about parades and temporary displays, etc.

Boating regulations seem to becoming more stringent thought the country. Hopefully this will not spread to other States. Please contact us if you run into a similar situation in your State. 


International Amphicar Owners Club Board of Directors

Executed agreement with PA DCNR