What Makes an Amphicar Special?

Here you will find a collection of action shots video.
Some larger stills are found in the high bandwidth page of Amphicars in action.

Does anyone have a copy of the 1968 "Come Alive" Pepsi Commercial with the 50MPH entry?
If you do, Please contact us if we can add it to our page.

Videos :

(each will open in a new window)

bullet Otterbein Rides: Celina 2014
bullet Wheeler Dealers (British Discovery Channel) 5/5/2014  (Dave the Wave sold a car, restored in England)
bullet Minnesota Amphicars on the Today Show 7/31/2013 (Msnbc)
bullet Little White Car (YouTube)
bullet Surfing for Chicks (on-line Flickr)
bullet Swimming with Grandpa Wave (YouTube)
bullet Amphicar in Australia (on-line Flash)
bullet Just Add Water (on-line Flash)
bullet  Amphicar-USA 7.7Mb
bullet  A little something from Randy Bograd 6Mb / Flash
bullet Cap'n John Bombing through the waves - 924K/.MPG
bullet More Cap'n John Bombing through the waves - 924K/.MPG
bullet Amphipoda driving out - 1.36M/.MPEG
bullet Driving in (Amphipoda?) - 1.36M/.MPEG
bullet 40 MPH Colorado River entry by Amphipoda for "Junkyard Wars" - 414K/.WMV
bullet 35 MPH entry by John Bevins with his sister screaming in the back seat - 567K/.MPG
bullet 4th Gear @ 45MPH entry (René Pohl entering Lake Garda) - 282K/.ASF
bullet Doug Parsons driving in slowly - 300K/.MPEG
bullet Another famous Billy Syx entry - 816K/.AVI
bullet Al Heath's Splash at Celia - 850K/.AVI
bullet Slow drive out - 407K/.MPG
bullet Randy Bograd about to meet "Ms. John Law" - 3.41M/.MOV
bullet Mark Richardson doing a high speed entry - 343K/.MPEG

Last updated October 06, 2014