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A Note about Amphicar pricing;

Yes, there have been 2 Amphicars that recently sold for crazy money at a televised, well hyped auction. This is an anomaly only, purchased by wealthy folk who are willing & (more importantly) able to spend more than the car's actual value, and this is not indicative of real world prices that you should expect to pay or receive for your Amphicar. If you were to see these prices paid in at least 3+ different sales (not just televised auctions), then and only then should it be considered to be indicative of a potential value. - Webmaster and Amphicar restorer

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How to place an ad.

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[posted 3/14/2017]






1962 Custom Fiberglass Amphicar



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Rebuilt with 90% fiberglass body and original running gear.
The whole story and lots of pictures on the "Amphicar 770 Forum" web site, in "cars for sale".

Turn key & ready-to-go!  I used it all winter to drive around and swim as long as I want!

Faster, safer, lighter & all LED lights!

Car is located in Leesburg, Florida

Gord Souter

705-327-2820 in Ontario or 352-301-7022 in Florida


[updated 3/28/2016]


1964 Amphicar

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1964 in fine condition -- all original Amphi parts -- some chrome chipping -- one dent in rear -- Asking $45,000


Kelly Gray




[updated 3/28/2016]

1965 Amphicar

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Welcome aboard and take a ride in this rare and beautifully restored, low mileage, 1965 Amphicar 770 convertible!
The meticulously completed four year restoration makes it one of, if not the finest, Amphicars remaining in
the US. It runs, drives & cruises on the water perfectly with NO water leakage. Less than 138 miles have
been added since the restoration that included an engine rebuild (polished crank shaft, valves, rings, gaskets, etc),
transmission with new seals and gaskets, new brake lines and master cylinder.  All U joints, seals and wheel bearings
were replaced.  She also includes new propeller shafts and propellers in undamaged housing tunnels (which are rare to find)
and a new convertible top.

The car features a 4 speed synchronized transmission, new tires, am/fm radio, marine navigation lights, forward/reverse
water transmission, spare tire, paddles, maintenance manual, a special tools manual, and owners manual. I have 17 other pictures
and a video available.  E-mail me a request and I can send these as well as answer any questions you might have.
The car is located in Denison, Texas.

Price: $79,900

Jim Reed



[posted 4/02/2015]






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Other popular places for buying and selling Amphicars, Amphicar parts, collectibles and whatnots are eBay and Hemmings Motor News

You should also be aware that even though you may have seen a few cars advertised for boat-loads of cash, it DOES NOT mean they are getting that price! We have seen those overpriced cars too, and they rarely (if ever) sell at even close to that price. Do your homework by asking a club member or restoration expert what they believe the car may be worth. It could save you that proverbial boat-load of cash you will need to restore it.

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