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A Note about Amphicar pricing;

Yes, there have been 2 Amphicars that recently sold for crazy money at a televised, well hyped auction. This is an anomaly only, purchased by wealthy folk who are willing & (more importantly) able to spend more than the car's actual value, and this is not indicative of real world prices that you should expect to pay or receive for your Amphicar. If you were to see these prices paid in at least 3+ different sales (not just televised auctions), then and only then should it be considered to be indicative of a potential value. - Webmaster and Amphicar restorer

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1964 Amphicar

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This car has previously been restored and is in overall good shape.  It is just starting to show some minor rust in the rear
quarters. It was last run two years ago on a lake in New Hampshire.  We also have a second Amphicar that is missing the
motor, transmission and rear end. It has some rust and cosmetic issues , but is mostly complete.  These cars can be
sold as a package or separately.  Both cars will be sold with a NH Bill of Sale only.

The restored car is located in Massachusetts and the parts car is located in New Hampshire.

We are asking $65,000 obo for the package, but as noted, will separate.

Ian Savard 





[posted 11/26/2014]


1964 Amphicar
(The Ugly Duckling)

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It breaks my heart to sell my Amphicar.  I'm the Duck Boat Captain in Boston and have had my Amphicar since 1999.

My Amphi was not restored to become a trailer queen and sit behind a velvet rope, but was restored to USE and have fun with.

She features many improvements such as a real canvas top (unlike the vinyl crap one that rots and cracks in a couple of years).  I also replaced the useless generator with a positive ground alternator (so the gauges still work).  The Club recommended steering modification for safety has been installed.  The interior is custom in a coral with white piping (instead of the baby-poop mustard color that was original).  More includes a new chrome bumper, new clutch, nice paint and much more.  She runs and swims great, and commands attention where ever she goes!


There are more photo's on my Facebook page.

(some show her with a two-tone coral/green paint job, but she was returned to her original Amphicar green since.)



Asking $50,000

Gary McNally




[posted 11/26/2014]

1964 Amphicar

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1964 totally restored approximately 5 years ago with NOS (new, old stock) parts.

Excellent condition. Runs and swims perfectly. Vin#101768





Jim Hall

15849 Redington Drive

Redington beach, Fl. 33708




[posted 6/25/2013]


1962 Custom Amphicar Project

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Rebuilt with 90% fibreglass body and original running gear.
Presently in primer and rolling. Can be finished by summer or sold at any
state of restoration.  More Pictures can be seen at the "Amphicar 770 Forum" web site.

$25,000 - 45,000.00 Depending on how far
you want me to restore it. Can be painted any color.
Car is located in Orillia, Ontario, Canada.

Also, I have a white '67 Fully restored Amphicar for sale. (It's in Florida):  $70,000

Gord Souter



[posted 4/2/2013]









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