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Those looking for an Amphicar to buy, especially first time buyers, should be encouraged to memorize Mike Israel's excellent and comprehensive Amphicar Buyer's FAQ, which has recently been updated and revised.   Another popular place nowadays for buying and selling Amphicar parts, collectibles and whatnots, sometimes entire cars, is ebay.  To perform a worldwide search for all current Amphicar-related auctions in progress that also filters out most of those time wasters who are really selling something like grommets for a '62 Snordley, but who just lobbed the word "amphicar" into the auction's text as part of a spammy "calling all cars" bait-n-switch come-on, just click here

You should also be aware that even though you may have seen a few cars advertised for boat-loads of cash, it DOES NOT mean they are getting that price! We have seen those overpriced cars too, and they rarely (if ever) sell at even close to that price. Do your homework by asking a club member or restoration expert what they believe the car may be worth. It could save you that preverbal boat-load of cash you will need to restore it.

Elsewhere, primarily serving our amphibious motoring friends outside of North America (and usually vehicles other than Amphicars) you'll find René Pohl's Amphibious Marketplace in Germany and Hans Rosloot's Wanted Ads for Amphibians in the Netherlands. Both sites are in English.









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Listing of Vendors: (click to jump to ad or just scroll on down!)

Amphicar Parts - Moldings       Midwest Amphicar - Sheetmetal         Eric Mattlin - Video          

Gordon Imports, Inc - everything     John Capone - Clothing   Bill Connelly - Body-Door Seals  

Signs by Tomorrow      John "Cruiserduck" Lambert - Patches      Adirondack Amphicar - T shirts

Michel Ferland - Oil Chg Kit      Amphicar Parts - Misc    Canadian Four Amphis - everything      

John Friese - High Performance Clutch/Drain Plug       Bernhard Schatt - Various (in Germany)

Peter Fredsall - Videos/Postcards         Chris Lariviere - Tunnel Ends

Midwest Amphicar - Transmission Repair      Hanns Trippel Video        Tips









For Sale - Brand new aluminum moldings-thin style

These moldings have the same profile as the original and are finished in bright dip anodizing just as the originals were.

Each piece has been fitted to an actual Amphicar for a correct fit.


Here is an alternative to the Stainless Steel molding soon to be available elsewhere. There were several thicknesses of molding made for the Amphicar. This is the thin style.

We started off by having a die designed to extrude the aluminum. Twenty foot long extrusions were made and the metal was annealed to make it soft for bending. Next, the pieces were formed with dies and bucks (forms). Each piece was then hand fitted to my project car. Also, two donated rear fins were mounted on stands and used to fit the long rear fender pieces. Pieces with extra long ends are also available if you feel your car is out of the norm and you don't mind trimming the ends. We then had the metal heat treated to put the strength (what little there is) back in. Lastly, the pieces have been polished and anodized in bright dip which was the original finish.

For more information 
please contact us;
Email ampicarparts@earthlink.net
and leave your contact information

More parts available at WWW.amphicarparts.com

Phone 310-466-6288

LEFT - part number 12-46-1a
RIGHT - part number 12-46-1b

$42 ea


LEFT - part number 12-46-2a
RIGHT - part number 12-46-2a

$46 ea


part number 12-46-4
$35 ea

LEFT - part number 12-46-3a
RIGHT - part number 12-46-3b

$69 ea

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Services - Gordon Imports, Inc.


Please call, write, fax or email today for a catalog:

PHONE 562-802-1608 714-523-3512  FAX 562-404-1904


Visit our picture intense website:  www.gordonimports.com.  Download our fabulous weekend specials!  Go for it!  With our Big Project Restoration Packages, your Amphicar will be new and you will save up to 30%!  Call or e-mail now for details!

updated: 12/3/2008


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For Sale - Amphicar Decals

A quality reproduced decal of the Amphicar emblem. Measures 22 inches across the bottom and is 12” high. They are made with 6 year vinyl (not the cheap stuff). I have asked my sign man to manufacture
                                                       these for IAOC club members

The cost is in the $30 range, plus shipping.

He can also offer a sign using this decal by adding a plastic backing.

Master Card, Discover Card, Visa and American Express accepted.


Signs by Tomorrow
3401 Hartzdale Drive
Camp Hill, PA. 17011
717-975-2456 - Attn: Gary

Download a PDF of installation instructions here.


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For Sale - STEEL Amphicar Quarter Panels with Raised Lips & Battery trays

The ONLY Safe Solution!

Why take chances with you prized Amphicar and more importantly, your passengers?

Other materials or thin, rusting 1/4 panels will not resist punctures or cracking upon impact (especially in cold waters) are simply unsafe.

Hand made by Dave himself, so you know they are properly manufactured.

Rear quarter panels with raised lip. 19 gauge. One piece, six feet long.

$400.00 each or $700.00 per pair. - Crating and shipping extra.

From a man who knows what he's speaking about....

"I just saw that Dave (Midwest Amphicar)  is now advertising his raised lip quarter panels on Amphicar.com at $700 + shipping for both sides.  I honestly expected to see them priced at close to twice that amount.  This is more like Mustang part prices than Amphicar.

You could not have these made for that price and there is nothing else on the market that even comes close.  It is not just the lip, being one piece eliminates a big weld line resulting in a stronger, longer lasting unit.  The panel is also contoured as it should be and will not require all of the rework that is needed on the two piece components out there..  Dave does great metal work.   I suggest that every Amphi owner should order a set today, before Dave comes to his senses and raises the price.   Put them away with the rest of your parts stash, if you use your Amphi in the water, (you will need them eventually. - Mike I" (Yahoo Amphicar Lovers Group Admin)

finally a steel battery tray that fits.

Awesome 18 gauge steel!

Current tray price $175.00 ea. Crating and shipping extra.

Ribs that meet factory ribs. Look at the graceful curves. All the way to firewall. No UGLY seams at eye level. Extra long goes past rear of car. Matches original, tapers near back then gets larger just like original. All are hand made and will vary slightly.

or call Dave @

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For Sale - Amphicar Clothing

Quality Amphicar Clothing
with embroidered Amphicar logos

Some colors or sizes may not be available,
so email or call to see if I have what you need.

 email or call me for shipping costs

John "Cigarman" Capone








POLO SHIRTS (all 4 colors) = $25





  or call my cell at 847-533-7803.



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For Sale - Amphicar Patches... Patches? You need some stinkin' PATCHES!

Want to customize that favorite shirt, jacket, hat, etc? now you can by purchasing one of these beautiful Amphicar patches pictured below.

Put 'em on your hat...

These patches are fully embroidered, meaning the entire surface of the patch is completely stitched.  The patches are manufactured using top quality background fabrics custom dyed for uniformity and routinely tested for durability and color-fastness.  A laminated backing is used to maintain their original shape, appearance, and washable, dry-cleanable yarns are used.

Put 'em on your jacket...

The patches also include a heat seal backing so they can be sewed or ironed on any shirt, jacket, hat, etc. 

A price is just $6.00 each, plus $1.00 shipping and handling.

Please submit orders to John Lambert at .  Please include the number of patches requested, your complete mailing address and a check for the total amount plus S&H

For snail mail orders my address is;

John Lambert
19090 Hickory Ridge Rd.
Fenton, Michigan 48430. 

You can also reach me at (810) 750-4967 if you have any questions.

Thank you, John "Cruiserduck" Lambert

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For Sale - "Ride The Big Wave with Roger and Dave" DVD!

Super fun Swim-in at Lake of the Ozarks, lot's of mayhem, Kamikaze Louisiana Style attacks and some other weird happenings. Now you too can experience it in the comfort of your own home!

"There were two professionals following us around and the preliminary stuff they had Saturday night looked really good. I'll be handling it for Roger." - Eric M.

They should be available mid-October
Price will be
$30 which includes postage.

Anyone interested please contact Eric Mattlin.  


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Hanes Heavyweight T-Shirts (90% pre-shrunk cotton, 10% polyester) with beautiful "ADIRONDACK AMPHICAR" 3 color logo silk screened on front, Blue Amphi only.

Sizes: Youth M (10-12) & Adults Small - Grey shirts only
Adults-M-L-XL - Grey or Sage Green shirts.

$9.95 each plus Shipping. in US shipping is $4.95 for first shirt and $1.00 more for each additional shirt ordered. Please specify quantity, sizes and colors.

Please send payment to: Edward David
                          2658 Griffith Park Blvd. #265
                          Los Angeles, CA. 90039

or pay to PayPal account:   
Thank You & Enjoy, these are the last of them!


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For Sale - Engine Oil Change Kit

Stop making a mess when changing oil.  Kit includes a taper tube that goes through hull drain, a magnetic drain plug and a wobble allen wrench key to reach the plug. 

$12.95 plus shipping.

Michel Ferland
54 Grand Moulin, Deux Montagnes,
Quebec, Canada J7R 3C5 

Phone (450) 473-3971

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For Sale - Amphicar Parts

Amphicar Bumpers!  Single- or Two-piece

Newly manufactured to match originals. Stamped, polished and plated in three stages: 1. copper 2. nickel 3. chrome. Only $300 for each half of the two-piece version or $650 for the single-piece.

Shipping has been running about $15.  Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or wish to discuss any details regarding purchase or shipping.

Two-piece new remanufactured Amphicar bumper

Visor Brackets with Visors

New sturdy aluminum brackets with visors in off-white or black. These brackets won't snap off with the first strong breeze like those original super-fragile plastic ones.  Only $160 per pair plus shipping.  I'm proud to boast that these rugged new visor brackets are an Amphipoda Endorsed Product!

New remanufactured Amphicar visors, both white and black are shown.

Amphicar metal fuel line

These are new exact reproductions of the original Amphicar metal fuel line that runs from the fuel pump to the carburetor. The end fitting are machined from solid brass. Each part has been mounted on and tested on a running Amphicar motor. This part fits cars with the original SOLX B30PSEI carburetor. Contact us about supplying fuel lines for the newer replacement carbs such as the B33PSEI as we do have fittings for those models also.

Amphicar Air Filter Element

If you've been to the corner auto supplies joint lately, you'll know that it is now no longer possible to cross the Amphicar air filter with any of the popular brands found on their shelves these days: Not Fram, Wix, Purolator, Napa, etc., etc. 

This economical filter has a microlite filter element and is an exact fit for your Amphicar.  By getting a special batch of these, I am able to pass the savings along to you.  Instead of the $19 charged by specialty parts sources elsewhere, you can have a brand new perfect filter that'll let your Amphi breathe properly for just $12 (plus $3 shipping).  Get a few while you can!

You can learn more about these and lots of other great new remanufactured Amphicar parts and products at www.amphicarparts.com or contact: Allan Woodcock, 442 Vista Dorado Lane, Oak Park, CA 91377. Weekday phone: (310) 466-6288 or email: sales "AT" amphicarparts.com.  Thanks! Allan.

[7/11/2004 rev]

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For Sale - Driveshaft Tunnel Replacement Ends

In the midst of restoring my first of two Amphicars, I found I needed a fix for my rusted driveshaft tunnel ends. I discovered there was no off-the-shelf fix for this common restoration problem that's so critical to Amphicar water safety, so at considerable cost I had the body shop restoring my car design a replacement that looks and works just as good as the original. Now I can supply anyone with a pair of rugged tunnel ends for just $100.  

If you have any questions, I can be contacted at (860) 977-0808 or through my website at www.amphicarsbychris.com, where you can also see lots of photos of some of my other Amphicar parts restorations.

Chris Lariviere

tunnelMVC-002S.jpg (16511 bytes)  tunnelMVC-001S.jpg (17463 bytes)  tunnelMVC-006S.jpg (17927 bytes)  tunnelMVC-009S.jpg (14751 bytes)


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For Sale - High Performance Clutch System & Improved Late Style Drain Plug

If you're tired of the chatter and wear problems inherent with the Amphicar clutch, here is a high performance clutch system that is a drop in replacement for that weak old clutch. No modification is required to anything in the car. It simply bolts in place and will replace that weak, chattering spring clutch system with a high performance diaphragm clutch. After using this system for several thousand miles I removed the engine to check for wear to the clutch system. Absolutely no wear was evident. The system operates smoothly and quietly and doesn't change your clutch pedal pressure. This clutch system is so much stronger than the original that, given reasonable driving, I would expect this to be the last clutch your Amphicar will ever need.

The throw out bearing holder is a drop in replacement for your original unit and it spaces the release bearing in the proper position to operate perfectly in your Amphicar.
The release bearing itself has a hardened, ball bearing supported surface that is designed to operate directly on the forks of a diaphragm clutch pressure plate.
The Triumph flywheel has been resurfaced and balanced. (You cannot use the original Amphicar flywheel)
The pressure plate is a new unit made by Borg & Beck (the maker of the original Amphicar clutch)
The clutch disk is almost 1 inch larger than the original Amphicar disk.

The system consists of:

bullet  A Custom Machined Release Bearing Holder
bullet  Ball bearing type, hardened Release Bearing
bullet  Diaphragm Style Pressure Plate
bullet  Clutch Disk
bullet  Resurfaced and Balanced Flywheel

Just $550 plus shipping for the whole system.
(Partial systems and replacement parts also available. Please call or email for prices.)

New Clutch System.jpg (46597 bytes)

New Throw Out & Holder.jpg (37941 bytes)

Improved Late Style Drain Plug
If you have a late model Amphicar, with the large bilge plug, you know how difficult it is to remove and install and how it often leaks. Here is an improved plug that won't leak and makes removal and reinstallation easy to do without tools. Simply unscrew the wing nut to loosen and remove the plug. When reinstalled, the plug has two positioning pins that engage into the small holes around the bilge opening to lock the plug in place. The metal parts of this plug have been powder coated to eliminate rust problems and rubber parts are installed that aren't attacked by immersion in oil.
Just $29.50 plus $6 shipping
Bilge Plug New 3.jpg (58578 bytes)

To order, send check, money order or pay via PayPal to:

John Friese
242 E. Alamar Ave.
Santa Barbara, CA 93105
Tel. 805-570-4778
Email: jfriese "AT" mindspring.com

[12/24/2003 rev]

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For Sale - Various Amphicar Parts

The Flag of the European Union

All Amphicar owners are welcome, but European owners will be especially pleased that the following parts are now available from a local source:


Piston Cup for Front Brake Wheel Cylinder / Manschette für Vorderradbremse (Amphicar Parts List/Ersatzteilliste: Plate 23, Figure No. 13)


Improved Transmission Mount Kit / Verbessertes Metallgummilager für Getriebe


Stub Axle Bolt King Pin with Bushes / Achsenschenkelbolzen mit Buchsen (Amphicar Parts List/Ersatzteilliste: Plate 23, Figures No. 34 & 17)


Stub Axle Bolt King Pin (without Bushes) / Achsenschenkelbolzen (ohne Buchsen) (Amphicar Parts List/Ersatzteilliste: Plate 23, Figure No. 34)


Stub Axle Bolt King Pin Bushes / Achsenschenkelbolzenbuchsen ohne Donaudampfschifffahrtgesellschaftkapitänsmützengummi (Amphicar Parts List/Ersatzteilliste: Plate 23, Figure No. 17)


Bush for Oscillating Axle / Buchse für Schwingarm (Amphicar Parts List/Ersatzteilliste: Plate 21, Figure No. 2)


Bearing Bushes for Axle Tube / Lagerbuchse für Achsrohr (Amphicar Parts List/Ersatzteilliste: Plate 20, Figures No. 17 & 18 and Plate 21, Figures No. 9 & 10)

For more information, please visit http://www.amphicar-schatt.net and choose a language. Bernhard Schatt in Mannheim, Germany.


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For Sale - Body-at-Door Seals (Amphicar Part #11-34-33R)

FOR SALE: Body-at-Door Seals (Amphicar Part #11-34-33R)  Self-adhesive, easy to mount and cut just a smidgeon thicker than the original seals so that they can often give those 'tired' door-at-door seals a second lease on life for dribble-free boating.  I've had the same set on my Amphi since '95 without a driblet. 

Cost is just $20 for a precut pair to seal both doorways, and it comes with an instruction sheet.  I can accept credit cards through PayPal, or you can just send a check or money order for $20 to: Bill Connelly, 8389 Luce Court, Springfield, VA 22153. 

International orders are also welcomed at no additional cost via PayPal  

[1/28/2003 rev]

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For Sale - Various Amphicar Parts in Canada

Amphicar.ca - Gord Souter (1 Hour north of Toronto)

A second choice for all your Amphicar parts needs; and now specializing in complete showroom restorations and repairs to engines, transmissions, brakes, front ends, etc. Interiors manufactured and installed.

Over 700 Parts for Amphicars are now listed in my parts inventory.  From NOS (new old stock) to used, from new tonneau covers and interiors to a few reproduced hard to get transmission gears. so call or email today !   .  .  .  .  1-705-327-2820  .  .  .  .  gord "AT" amphicar.ca

You don't need to shop around, just call me. If I don't have it I will know where you can get it.  Some rarer items may be expensive, but most are very competitive if not downright cheap!

I am fabricating brand new replacement fiberglass body panels for almost the whole car (to see what this entails click here)

Here are the top-o'-the-heap "Specials":

  • TRANSMISSION MOUNTING SETS (BOLT-THROUGH MODIFICATION). This specially manufactured kit provides a rugged improvement over the frail original transmission mounting system, which is prone to failure. 

gordstrannybolts.jpg (13494 bytes)

  • BOOT COVER (Covers the convertible top when folded down). Available in black, white or your custom color. The quality is very good, and the price much better than...  Snaps come in a bag for you to install or can be pre-attached to standard positions if you wish.

tonneau.jpg (33953 bytes)

  • COMPLETE INTERIOR KITS: available in all 4 Original Amphicar colors and also blue. Comes with everything needed to install, including new hardwood in the door panels, with rear backrest already assembled with new foam. Advice also available to get your seat springs ready. . Also available with rear seat Crest ()
  • The Super Kit! Everything in the base kit plus... Fiberglass seat base, soundproofing kit, gray lining kit for under top, boot cover Cover and all new snaps and pins, full rubber floor kit with carpet humps,50 door clips and 2 trim pc.
  • FLOOR RUBBER KITS: All five pieces (with carpet for front wheel wells).
  • FIBERGLASS REAR FENDERS: the complete rear fender from door to back of fin, the later model type with the hump on the bottom, 6 feet 7 inches long by 3 feet high. Can be easily cut just to replace the bottom part, or installed complete with pop rivets and adhesive.  They are very light, but well built. Would be great to make an "Amphi Trailer" too!  More fiberglass parts to follow in future: piece across the bow that holds the headlights, piece across fantail where the license plate and tail lights fasten, front fenders.

Rear fender(lorR)$200.00.jpg (26750 bytes)

  • FIBERGLASS FRONT AND REAR SECTIONS. Exact copies of NOS stock.  Light and strong.  Installs with today's super 2-part adhesives. Click photos for larger view:

ek_2_6.jpg (28931 bytes)
ek_3_6.jpg (26854 bytes)

  • FIBERGLASS SUPPORT PANEL FOR UNDER REAR PASSENGER SEAT. It's thin, light and strong. See optional heat and sound insulation  (also included in the SUPER KIT).

rearseatbase.jpg (48121 bytes)

  • HEAT & SOUNDPROOFING INSULATION FOR SUPPORT PANEL UNDER REAR PASSENGER SEAT. Keep your passengers cool and your ride quiet with this custom-fit soundproofing kit with reflective heat insulation.  Everything you need to modify your existing seat base (spray glue and silver edging tape included), OR, you can get a brand new sturdy fiberglass seat support panel (see above item) with this superb insulation already mounted(also included in the SUPER KIT)

sound proffing.jpg (60428 bytes)

  • HEAT & SOUNDPROOFING INSULATION KIT FOR REAR FENDERS IN ENGINE BAY.  Feeling a little too much like the engine room of a tramp steamer in tropical waters in that Amphi on a warm summer's day?  A heat proofing/soundproof kit for rear fenders in engine bay has been added to the existing soundproofing kit (8 parts) or just for the fenders alone (2 parts and spray glue).  Note: heatproof kit was designed for close quarter boat engines where this product can sometimes be only a inch away from motors. This is silver on both sides with soundproofing in the middle.  It is not waterproof, but the rest of the kit is.  It's grey high density 1 inch foam especially made for soundproofing and easy to work with. I have cut it all out to fit your cars. You get with full kit the piece that goes under the rear seat in front of the tranny, a piece for the rear seat, 2 pieces for under the convertible top boot and 2 pieces for the sides. as well as the 2 heatproof for the rear fenders in engine bay. Click for larger view:

heat profing.jpg (43581 bytes)

  • FIBERGLASS DOOR SKINS.  Click photo for larger view:

doorskin.jpg (22712 bytes)

  • FIBERGLASS INNER DOOR BOTTOMS.  Click photo for larger view:

innerdoorbottom.jpg (26852 bytes)


front fende(lorR)$190.00.jpg (29873 bytes)


bellypatch.jpg (18165 bytes)

  • COMPLETE FIBERGLASS SINGLE PIECE FRONT BOW.  Please note that this item is very large and can not be shipped by normal means. Please contact me to discuss possible alternative delivery arrangements if you are interested in this part.  You can see how we made the mold for this item right here.

bow.jpg (19546 bytes)

  • COMPLETE FIBERGLASS FLOOR SECTION.  Complete from front to middle of trans area, (Sorry, it's too big to ship)

  • COMPLETE FIBERGLASS REAR INNER FENDERS.  Includes inner fender from front of wheel well to rear of the floor under the muffler or battery tray.



tierodshirlds.jpg (30612 bytes)


glass rocker(R).jpg (35094 bytes)


inside hood.jpg (21945 bytes)

PLEASE NOTE: Prices above are all in U.S. Dollars and do not include shipping. Please contact me with your location for exact shipping costs or for more information about these or other items.  And once again, if what you're looking for is not listed above, then please email or call with your desired list, and I will check it off against what I have and give you the best prices:


Tel. 1-705-327-2820
gord "AT" amphicar.ca

UPDATED 5/9/2016

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For Sale - Amphicars Videos & Postcards

Amphicar Videos
Full coverage of the 2002 and 2001 Southeast Swim-Ins at the Mt. Dora, Florida Antique Boat Festival  Plus, Amphicars at the 2000 Cypress Gardens Antique Boat Show. An hour of cool stuff including: Original Owner interviews, Hugh Gordon Interview, Alternative Amphibians, Amphicars on TV News and Spectacular Wooden runabouts. VHS tape.
Price: U.S. and Canada: Only $9. All other locations: $24.
Combined 1999 & 2000 Amphicar Video
Enjoy those 1999 and 2000 Amphicar Southeast Swim-Ins at the Mt. Dora, Florida Antique Boat Festival all over again, or even if you couldn't make it.  VHS tape also includes many other Amphicar related segments.
Price: U.S. and Canada: Only $10. All other locations: $24.
Amphicar Postcard
I have a limited supply of the famous original 9x6" Daytona Beach Amphicar postcard from the 1980's often seen on eBay. Just $5.00.
daytona.jpg (88601 bytes)
To order, send check or postal money order to:

Peter Fredsall
149 Nautical Drive
South Daytona, FL 32119.


[9/7/2002 rev]

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Services - Amphicar transmission repair!


Rebuilds Starting at $1800.00

Contact Dave at 815 849 5498.

Visit www.midwestamphicar.com for transmission pictures...

Does your trans look like this?

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Services - Hanns Trippel Video--In English! 

trippelvideo.jpg (26000 bytes)This is a professionally made video starring the Father of the Amphicar, Hanns Trippel, and featuring rare and never before seen footage all of his seaworthy vehicles.  It tells the true story of the man who designed the Amphicar and of his career in amphibious vehicles spanning six decades from its beginnings in the 1930s.  This program was originally aired on German TV some years ago, and until now it was available only in German in European PAL video format.  But now it has been professional translated into English and transferred into the US video standard NTSC format by the film's producer Reinhard Stegen himself, hence it is of the very highest quality.  At 30 minutes long it is surely the finest film about amphibious cars ever made.  For more details on how to order, please click here

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Other popular places for buying and selling Amphicars, Amphicar parts, collectibles and whatnots are ebay and Hemmings Motor News

You should also be aware that even though you may have seen a few cars advertised for boat-loads of cash, it DOES NOT mean they are getting that price! We have seen those overpriced cars too, and they rarely (if ever) sell at even close to that price. Do your homework by asking a club member or restoration expert what they believe the car may be worth. It could save you that preverbal boat-load of cash you will need to restore it.

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