2011 major Amphicar Swim-ins, as of 7/12/2011

Tavares (Florida) Peter Fredsall
Gord Souter
March 25-27 Sat, 3/26 is the big day!
More Event Info Here
Seattle (Washington) Roger St John   go4rain@comcast.net May 7 Opening Day of Boating
Austin (Texas) Warren Kodosky 512-633-0413  wkodo@yahoo.com June 3-5 11th Annual
Orillia (Ontario, Canada) Gord Souter 705-327-2820 June 17-19 See the Beach Boys!
More Event Info Here
Celina (Ohio) Larry DePasquale
Mike Bayman
937-372-3890 celina@amphicar.com
July 20-24  More Event Info Here
Beloit (Wisconsin) Becca Carter with
Dave the Wave in attendance
Midwest Amphicar
August 20 Midwest All-Classics Boat Show
More Event Info Here
San Diego (California) Steven Reich 858-755-6321 steve.reich@sbcglobal.net August 20  
Holland (Michigan) Sharon & Ed Koops  616-392-2579 addtouch@sbcglobal.net September 9-11 A GREAT time!
More Event Info here
Beloit (Illinois/Wisconsin) John Capone 815-389-2022 capon23@aol.com September 16-18 Stateline Swim-in
More Event Info here
Lakeport (CA) Con Oamek 909-798-9764 mrcon@oamek.net September 23-25 More Event Info Here
Lake Cumberland (Kentucky) Steve Fischer 606-219-0148 sjfischer@gmail.com September 24  

      Exact dates, event schedules, contact info, lodging, etc. will be updated as information becomes    finalized and available.   Another Gathering?  Let us know!


Why not organize and announce a get-together yourself?  Right here you can announce any gathering of web-toed motorists, no matter how small. You can also post tips about upcoming broadcasts of Amphicar-related TV or other programs here.  Just drop us a line to let us know about it and we'll post it right away.

Why Celina, you ask? Well, click Here and you will learn more about just exactly why the web toed motoring horde gathers every year in Celina, Ohio of all places .  .  .



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