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President - Mike Clark

VP/Treasurer - Ina Cabanas

Membership - Chris Kutinac

Celina Coordinator - Larry DePasquale

David Chapman of the UK

Ron Gaydis

Earl Zechiedrich

Webmaster* -  Larry Solheim (acting webmaster)

Wheels-n-Waves Editor* - Linda Correnti

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We here at the International Amphicar Owners Club are also pleased to inform anyone considering ignoring the above stated restrictions and notifications, that several claims for other costly civil damages have also been brought forth successfully in state courts against your type of pest. One can see a check for one such successful claim extracted from a spammer just below.  So, be forewarned, if you fling your spam in our direction, we will make a religion out of hunting you down and making you fund our next Club get-together...

If you are a "spammer" or any similar sub-species of email pest:

Shown above is an actual money order
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