Alternative Gas Gage Repair

The tip and scan below are important additions to the topic of Converting the Amphicar to Negative Ground (or "earth" as David Chapman might say in England), which is a modification that many owners make when junking their original finicky positive ground generator-regulator rigamarole for a straightforward negative ground alternator setup.  This tip offers a way around a major hassle that usually accompanies this conversion process: the need to rewire one's gas (uh...that's petrol, David) gauge internals for negative ground. 

This tip was originally posted on the Amphicar-Lovers List on March 4, 2001 by Wayne Schmiedlin.  It is reproduced here on account of the fact that the accompanying scan of the required gaskets is not retrievable from the List Archive.  

tankgaskets.jpg (37137 bytes)I did not rewire my gauge. I added two gaskets, one under the sending unit and one under the gauge. I retapped the gas tank to U.S. 10/24 and the gauge to U.S. 6/32 threads and used (nonconductive) nylon bolts. You need to run a battery positive wire to one mounting bolt on each unit to complete the circuit on the now isolated gauge and sending unit. I put a fuse in the battery feed wire, use a key on feed.  My gauge works fine. 

Please contact for more details, if needed: Wayne Schmiedlin (Kathy's Dream, Red '63)

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Last updated May 07, 2013