Mike Clark

A few words from the Prez…

Hello and welcome to the International Amphicar Owners' Club website.  Whether you are returning or visiting for the first time, I hope you find our group interesting and will want to return.

 The IAOC is truly an international club.  There are members from several countries and all walks of life.  It's been proven time and again that there are no boundaries when it comes to Amphicars.  This isn't something to own if you don't like talking to strangers!

 We are a fairly small group with our numbers not quite totaling 400, but our enthusiasm for all things Amphibious is huge!  There are plenty of Swim-ins around the country every year, with the main club event being held in Celina, OH, for the past several years.  Good fellowship abounds.  There's also a newsletter that is published six times a year.

 If you're not already a member, would you consider joining us?  Owning an Amphicar isn't required.  There are always an ample amount of people willing to give rides!  I promise it will be an experience you won't soon forget.

                             Mike Clark


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