What Makes an Amphicar Special?

Here you will find a collection of action shots both video and some stills of Amphicars in action.

Does anyone have a copy of the 1968 "Come Alive" Pepsi Commercial with the 50MPH entry?
If you have it or any other video or still you'd like to see here, Please contact us if we can add it to our page.

Videos :

(each will open in a new window)

bullet Otterbein Rides: Celina 2014
bullet Wheeler Dealers (British Discovery Channel) 5/5/2014  (Dave the Wave sold a car, restored in England)
bullet Minnesota Amphicars on the Today Show 7/31/2013 (Msnbc)
bullet Little White Car (YouTube)
bullet Surfing for Chicks (on-line Flickr)
bullet Swimming with Grandpa Wave (YouTube)
bullet Amphicar in Australia (on-line Flash)
bullet Just Add Water (on-line Flash)
bullet Amphicar-USA 7.7Mb
bullet A little something from Randy Bograd 6Mb / Flash
bullet Cap'n John Bombing through the waves - 924K/.MPG
bullet More Cap'n John Bombing through the waves - 924K/.MPG
bullet Amphipoda driving out - 1.36M/.MPEG
bullet Driving in (Amphipoda?) - 1.36M/.MPEG
bullet 40 MPH Colorado River entry by Amphipoda for "Junkyard Wars" - 414K/.WMV
bullet 35 MPH entry by John Bevins with his sister screaming in the back seat - 567K/.MPG
bullet 4th Gear @ 45MPH entry (René Pohl entering Lake Garda) - 282K/.ASF
bullet Doug Parsons driving in slowly - 300K/.MPEG
bullet Another famous Billy Syx entry - 816K/.AVI
bullet Al Heath's Splash at Celia - 850K/.AVI
bullet Slow drive out - 407K/.MPG
bullet Randy Bograd about to meet "Ms. John Law" - 3.41M/.MOV
bullet Mark Richardson doing a high speed entry - 343K/.MPG


Last updated October 06, 2014